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Contact Information

Donna Albright, Principal
Greg Miller, Assistant Principal

Muhlenberg Middle School
801 Bellevue Ave
Laureldale, PA 19605
Main Office 610.921.8034
Fax 610-921-8038
7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday - Friday


Important Numbers
Principal's Office Ext. 3503
Assistant Principal's Office Ext. 3501
Nurse's Office Ext. 3118
Guidance Office Ext. 3510
Ext. 3248
Ext. 3013



Muhlenberg School District and Muhlenberg Township both are named for the Muhlenberg family of early colonial patriots. Outstanding among them were Henry Melchior Muhlenberg and John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg. At the time when the geographical boundaries of the township were established, the leading local land holder was Heister H. Muhlenberg, a descendant of the colonial family. Muhlenberg Middle School was built in 1924-25 as Muhlenberg Township High School. It opened in October of 1925 with 11 teachers and 272 pupils. In 1930 the west wing was added. In 1951 another new wing was built. It originally housed two shops, a cafeteria, two classrooms, a music room, an art room, and a mechanical drawing room.

A modern addition, first used in March of 1965, contains four science classrooms, a music suite, an auditorium, a lecture hall and a gymnasium. During the 1990-1991 academic year the 1951 and 1965 additions were renovated. At the same time a new wing, designed specifically to accommodate middle school students and curriculum, was constructed. During the summer of 1991 the original 1925 and 1930 buildings were removed, revealing the thoroughly remodeled and completely new portions of the middle school. This up-to-date, air-conditioned facility provides a pleasant and productive learning environment for Muhlenberg Middle School students.

When the high school opened in 1972, our original building became a junior high school for eighth and ninth grades. In 1982, it became the Muhlenberg Middle School, then accommodating grades six, seven, and eight. From 1987 through June of 1989, grades six and seven attended the middle school. In 1989, fifth graders began attending the middle school. The middle school concept has been an integral part of the Muhlenberg School District since 1972 when the C. E. Cole building served as the middle school. Despite the changes in location and grade levels, the middle school philosophy continues to respect the academic, emotional, and physical needs of each student in transition from childhood to adolescence.

Special Homerooms & Clubs

Special Homerooms & Clubs
Art Homeroom

The Art Homeroom provides the middle school with a wealth of artistic scenery. This includes seasonal window decorations and art work for our annual musical concerts.

Audiovisual/TV Crew

The Audio Visual/TV Crew has a lot of responsibilities. Using state of the art television production equipment, they produce a daily TV news progam that is broadcast in every classroom. These programs inform students of important school announcements, give updates on all sporting events and provide information about upcoming school activities. The AV/ TV crew is also responsible for doing the stage crew work for assemblies and concerts. This group of students, that are teacher recommended from grades 6, 7and 8, video all school events for later viewing on a local cable channel.
(see AV website)



The Cybermuhl homeroom is comprised of sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. These students are trained on installing printers, projection devices, and various software packages These students help prepare staff and student computers for daily use.Students wishing to be in this homeroom must fill out an application and seek teacher recommendation.


Dare Club

The D.A.R.E. Club is a group of students that meet after school to promote D.A.R.E.(Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and drug free living throughout the school. The club is run by officers from the Muhlenberg Police Department.


Homework Club

The purpose of the Homework Club is to aid students who have difficulty completing assignments. It is not considered a punishment, rather a place for students to get individual help so they will develop good study habits and organizational skills. Students are assigned to the club by the Instructional Support Team when their teachers feel they need help with meeting responsibilities. Teachers and volunteers from GPU, an area business, provide students with homework help.



The Muhletin Homeroom publishes approximately 7 newspapers a year. The name of the newspaper is the Muhletin. The students in the homeroom are recommended by their English teachers. The newspaper is student oriented and strives to inform students of the activities taking place in their school. It is also a showcase for student writing and artistic creativity.
( See Muhletin website)

Music Homeroom

The Music Homeroom provides music for our morning TV announcements. They also are accompanists for the various musical events throughout the year and the daily chorus practices.

Student Council The Muhlenberg Middle School Student Council is an elected group of students. They meet daily during homeroom period. Student Council is a service organization that raises funds for school and community projects. They provide the middle school with dances and assemblies. They also set up special Spirit Days for the school. Instructional group competitions are run by Student Council throughout the year culminating in a trip to the Reading Phillies for the overall grade level winners.
(See Student Council Website)

Middle School Intramurals

Siixth, seventh and eighth grade students may participate in the middle school intramural sports program. Intramurals are held after school.

Boys: Girls:
Soccer Hockey
Team Handball Soccer
Volleyball Team Handball
Floor hockey Volleyball,
Softball Basketball
  Floor Tennis

Students organize their own teams and may participate in as many activities as they wish throughout the year.




Middle School Administrators
Middle School Staff
Donna Albright, principal
Sharon Miller, secretary/principal
Greg Miller, assistant principal
Ginny Getty, secretary/asst. principal
    Doreen Quire, guidance secretary
    Sheila Heming, security/clerical assistant
Debra Swavely, clerical assistant


Autistic Support
Computer Skills
Emotional Support
Rose Jeffers Vacant Robb Gourley Megan Binasiewicz Stefanie Dziedzic
Merrillene Zodel Taryn Stothart (mat.) Gail Less Ashley Frey Steve Goodling
        Dennis Kurtz
        Michelle Slavin
Family Consumer Science
Health/Phys Ed
Heather Goeltz Paula Day Linda Buerger Andrea Schwegmann Joseph Houck
  Heather Yobb (mat.)   Penny Vojtasek Barbara Messner
  Kathryne Mross    Matthew Werley Kelly Molinari
Instructional Support
Itinerant Consultant
Learning Support
Patti Brenner Edward Skoczen April Richards Tara Clemens Jennifer Wenzel
      Kim Flicker  
      Jan Hannan  
      Dawn Harris  
      Helena Hofmann  
      Maura Lundstrom  
      Sue Raynes  
Life Skills
Barbara Post Louise Jacobs Amy Bourey Susan Sellgren Michael Dubrosky
  Amy Keller Michael Eben   Louise Ludwig
  Sarah Melcher John Evans   Michael McCormick
  Eric Morrison     Elizabeth McNichol
  Sanford Smith     Jennifer Pacharis
Sixth Grade
Social Studies
Michael Hoch Jennifer Anton Michael Dubrosky Michelle Scesa Brian Kopetsky
Joanne Kear Lori Bray Heather Goeltz   John Lorchak
James Schneider Ginny Hornberger Virginia Hanley   Brian Morin
Kenneth Withers Kathleen Kapuscinski Douglas Olexy   Janel Pfeifer
  Stephanie Landis      
  Carol Martin (sabb.)      
  Erika Sager      
  Karen Snyder      
  Steven Stambaugh      
  Darin Van Norman      
  Alison Wallace      
Technology Education Support Personnel
David Hangen Karen Adams Carol Heffelfinger, cafeteria supervisor Cindy Seaman, building supervisor  
Don Stoltzfus Darlene Allen Carla Bentley    
  Cheryl Auman Lori Hain Ralph Kofroth  
  Lisa Bowersox Janelle Madeira Warren Kulp  
  Jill Deysher Cindy Parzanese Mike Manwiller  
  Marcie Mauroschadt Kelly Petsch Randy Sweigart  
  Tina Nguyen Donna Valore  John Winand  
  Linda Pugliese Lori Wade     
  Virginia Sands      
  Sandy Schneider      
  Kathy Seidel      
  Kim Shultz      
  Joanna Valori      
  Peggy Weller      
  Beth Youse