Upcomping Events

PTO is in need of volunteers for Activity Days (outside fun games) at the Elementary Center.

June 5 - Grades 3 & 4
June 6 - Grade 5
June 7 - Grades 1 & 2

Times: 9:15-11:30.

You must have your clearances. If interested, please email Kelly L. Piontek at AMMD4@MSN


PTO Middle School Picnics
Grades 6, 7 and 8th

June 1 - 11-2

If interested in volunteering, please email Kelly L. Piontek at AMMD4@msn.com. Please mention in subject line Middle School Picnics.

Muhlenberg PTO

I would like to welcome parents and all the students beginning their first year or returning for the 2003-2004 school year. The Muhlenberg School District PTO is busy planning activities for our children.

PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization, which is a non-profit organization. Everyone who lives in Muhlenberg Township and has a child or children in the school district is automatically a member. We serve the children in all three schools.

Last year, PTO gave the children many events. The best one in my opinion is the reading challenge. If the children read more than 4,400 books in two weeks, each child would receive $4.00 gift certificate for the book fair. The children did better than 4,400 they read over 8,000 books! It was a great way to encourage the child to read! The gift certificate gave every child a book. The smiles on the children’s faces were wonderful. I can’t wait to see how many books the children read this year. PTO is hoping they exceed 10,000 books.

So far this year, PTO has hosted a few events. They were: Back to school folders and cookie day. This year we expanded our selection of spirit wear and repeated the sale of the Kidstuff books. Luckily this year, PTO will not have to do any major fundraisers. We have a lot of new and exciting activities planned for this school year. Just to name a few: Color Days, craft night, Holiday Shoppe, movie day and a holiday dance. In the Spring, we will have new spirit wear items, bingo night, movie day and an assembly program. We know the children will enjoy all of these activities and many more.

We hope you can take time out of your busy schedule, to volunteer with one ore more events. Your volunteering will give the children numerous activities. Fliers come home before all events that PTO needs help with. You must have your clearances on file to help at all school events. If you need the paperwork for clearances, please stop in the office.

Please feel free to call me at (610) 929-4584 or any board member, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. Their names and telephone numbers are on the reverse side.

Have a great year,

Kelly L. Piontek – PTO President


President Kelly L. Piontek (610) 929-4584
Vice President Ann Marie Botch (610) 939-9923
Secretary Lori Wade (610) 929-1747
Treasurer Lisa Chlebowski (610) 929-1883



Mr. Beveridge/Mrs. Moyer Principal/Vice Principal 610.921.8028
Mrs. Donna Albright/ Mr. Greg Miller Principal /Vice Principal 610.921.8034
Darlene Allen
  (610) 929-8196
Patti Amidon   (610) 926-0756
Sandy Becker   (610) 939-0478
Karen Benson   (610) 929-8354
Karen Bohn   (610) 929-1549
Jolyn Casper*   (610) 916-4039
Sue Daniels **   (610) 926-2476
Shelly Deeds   (610) 685-1664
Paula Fellin   (610) 926-9490
Diane Gibson   (610) 929-4184
Tracey Huey   (610) 929-1559
Betty Ludwig   (610) 929-5859
Debbie Mason   (610)-929-4498
Patty McNeil   (610) 916-1422
Pam Miller   (610) 921-3774
Kelly Petsch   (610) 921-8375
Becky Polyniak   (610) 921-8551
Lori Potteiger   (610) 929-5911
Denise Rapp   (610) 921-1184
Colleen Russo   (610) 929-9336
Emily Sweigart   (610) 926-3760
Wendy Walter   (610) 939-9152
Brenda Yeager   (610) 929-4953

*Middle School Representative
**High School Representatives