School District Address: 801 Bellevue Ave, Laureldale, PA 19605 Phone:610.921.8000

The old building--the former Muhlenberg Township High School--served from 1972 through 1981 as an eighth and ninth grade junior high, then became a middle school accommodating at various times and levels, fifth through ninth grades. In 1991, the oldest section was demolished and replaced by a modern, air conditioned facility which continues to serve as the middle school.

Construction of an elementary center was launched in the summer of 1996 while major renovations were made to the high school. In September of 1998 kindergarten through fifth began occupying a brand new elementary center, six through eighth are now in the middle school, while ninth through twelth remain at the high school.

All the buildings, including a separate administrative office built in 1990, are on one convenient campus bounded by the Fifth Streen Highway, Sharp Avenue, Kutztown Road, and Bellevue Ave.